Lift. Look. Live. Better.

These are the foundations of the LB3 system. Not only are they our guiding principals, but they form a 3 step system that will help you look and feel your best, and create real, meaningful, lasting change in your body, and in your life

Step one

Lift Better

This is first and most important step, as it builds the foundation for what is to come. One thing that you must understand, is that all exercise is not created equal. If you want to truly change your body, you need to be doing strength training. Regardless if your goal is to lose a hundred pounds, or that last little bit of belly fat, grow your biceps, chisel your abs, plump your booty, or anything in between, strength training withe way to achieve your goals. That means that yes, sadly, relying on the treadmill and elliptical alone aren’t going to cut it. 


Lifting weights will make you stronger, healthier, and more fit. It will increase your metabolism so you burn more calories on a daily basis. It WILL NOT inherently make you “big” or “bulky” (it can, but only if that is your goal). “Lifting” is a very broad topic though indeed. Just do a quick Google search on “weight lifting routines” and you will be inundated with countless routines that guarantee to make all of your dreams come true. The thing is, with little education and guidance, these routines are likely to lead you nowhere fast at best, and at worst will leave you injured and worse off than when you started. 


What you need is a specific, formulated, personalized routine for YOU. We are all different, with different bodies, and different goals. It makes sense that our workouts should be different too. Just going in and going through the motions, or copying what you saw some strong guy do, or read in some magazine, isn’t enough. You don’t need to just lift, you need to LIFT BETTER.




This is obviously the goal of most gym goers, I’d very well guess that it may be yours as well. Once you begin to LIFT BETTER, the next step LOOK BETTER, begins to come naturally. However, if you truly want to change your body for the long term, lifting is only a piece of the puzzle. Indeed, lasting physical change will be majorly contingent on behavioral, and most importantly, dietary changes. These will be as hard, if not harder, than exercising. As you start to implement these changes though, you will see your body taking shape the way you want it to. It will be tough, it will take courage and dedication, but you will LOOK BETTER, so this will motivate you to continue the trek forward.


step three


Changing your body through a combination of exercise (lifting) and lifestyle and nutrition changes is no easy feat. It takes months, sometimes even years. By this time you will have worked hard, and some may even start to feel burned out. Unfortunately, when we reach our goals, there is no “save” button. You do not get to sit back and rest on your past work, you must continually work to maintain. This may seem like a daunting task, but it is eased a bit by the fact that you can start to enjoy the fruits of your labor. You can LIVE a better life. 


If you’ve made it to step 3, that means you are now stronger, fitter, healthier, and are enjoying a more positive outlook on life and a healthier relationship with food. This is when your new life begins! It stretches far beyond simply your outward appearance. Your confidence and your energy will both be at all time highs. You will notice, and those around you will as well. You will enjoy benefits both inside and outside of the gym. Physical activities will be easier. You won’t have to dread social situations with food and drink, because you will be prepared and know how to handle them. You will be able to truly be your best self!


The LB3 system is tried and proven to work with people just like you! Do not think you need to pick just one goal. You can have it all! Shape your body, become healthy and fit, and live your best, most fulfilling life! Ready? Click below to get started!




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