Weekly Workout: Upper Body Pull

There’s nothing worse than stepping into the gym without a proper plan in place.

At best, you are looking at a crappy workout that has no direction and you kind of just wing your way through.

At worst, you end up just kind of bopping around from station to station, not really doing anything because you don’t even know where to start. Then you maybe do a few minutes of cardio before you awkwardly leave (don’t worry, I’ve been there before too)

Having a program, a routine, a plan, will have many benefits.

You will know what to do. No guessing, no hoping, no secretly peering over at what some other guy or girl is doing and trying to coyly copy them without them noticing. 

You will save time. Having a plan in place is one of the first pieces of advice I give to people who claim to be “too busy” to workout. You’d be surprised the amount of time you spend in between sets and exercises, figuring out what to do next, deciding what machine to use. Then that break somehow becomes you scrolling instagram or taking gym selfies. 

Skip all that, have a plan. Get in, get it done, get out. 

You with me?

That’s why I am starting this new blog series, Weekly Workouts.

Every week I’ll post a simple workout, something you can take with you to the gym and try out today!

For this week, we are going to start things off with a upper body focused pull day. That’s fancy gym speak for back workout.

Warmup: 3 sets each (exercises labeled a/b are performed as a super set with no rest in between)

a) dumbbell pullover – light weight, 5-15lb. 10 reps

b)glute bridge – 15 reps

a) band chest row – 15 reps

b) band face pull – 15 reps

Working sets:

dumbbell row– 4×8

pull-up– 3×10 (assist machine or band assist is fine if you can’t do bodyweight)

Straight arm pulldown (wide grip, cable)– 3×10

Strict bicep curl to bent over row- 3×15 (light weight here, this is a burn out set)

Chest supported rear delt dumbbell fly- 3×15 (light weight, no need to go heavy here)

Tune in next week for the next installment of this weekly workout series!

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