Out With The Old: Build A Better Chest Workout

Today, I want to talk to you about your chest workout.

I know what you’re thinking…

“… But Paul, it’s not Monday… everyone knows Monday is international chest day!”

I know, I know, this is a bit out of line. And for that, I sincerely apologize.

People have been doing chest on Monday since the beginning of time.

Since cavemen walked the earth.

There was Adam, then there was Eve, and then there was chest on Monday.

Things have changed since then though

Much of what we thought was the proper way to workout thirty, twenty, even ten years ago, is now seen as old outdated bro-science.

A perfect example would be the body-part split. A body part split means a workout schedule in which each day of the week designated to its own body part. For example, chest Monday, back Tuesday, abs Wednesday, arms Thursday, legs never (sound familiar?).

We know now that this is far from ideal. This is because science has showed us that to best train a muscle, we want to be hitting it with exercise multiple times per week. A body part split like the one above just doesn’t allow for that.

What we must do then is start to group similar muscle groups together, to allow for a higher frequency of training per muscle group per week. One of the most popular ways to do this (and one of my personal favs) is grouping by movement.

Pretty much every movement we do can be classified as either a push, or a pull. Similar muscles work together to perform each type of movement. It makes sense then, that we can break up our workouts by push and pull, and then we’d be able to better work each movement group multiple times throughout the course of a week.

Coming back to where we started, chest would fall under “push.” Bench press, push ups, dips, all are pushing movements, makes sense right?

We can then combine these with other pushing muscles, namely shoulders, and triceps, and build our “better chest day,” our “push” day. 

These muscles all work together and compliment each other, and work in unison in most major pressing/pushing movements. It seems logical then to work them all together on the same day. You can get a larger training effect, and save time overall.

Here is an example of a push day I use often. It’s simple, effective, and straight to the point:

a) Barbell bench press – 3 x 8

b) Incline dumbell press – 3 x 10

c) Side delt raise – 3 x 12

d) Arnold press – 3 x 8

e) Dips – 3 x 10

f) tricep pushdown – 3 x 12



Give this workout a try, and let me know how it goes!


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