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How Does It Work?

Strategy Call
  • We set up a call to talk together, and discuss the future. We will dive into your goals, your current fitness level and nutrition, your past exercise experience, injury history, and more. –
  • This is where we will figure out if we are a good match to work with each other. I only take on clients whom I truly believe that I can help. You can also feel free to ask me any questions.
  • After that, we will discuss a strategy for moving forward that works for you, and your lifestyle.
Complete and Customized Training Built For You
  • I will build you an all inclusive training program, tailored specifically for your abilities, and your goals.
  • This will include all aspects of your workout; from warm-up, to weights, to cardio, and everything in between.
  • You will be given a complete blueprint to follow. It will include exact exercises, order, weights, reps, rest, tempo, and every other variable. You will also get both video, and written instructions for each individual exercise, so that you can be sure your form and technique are on point.
  • You will be instructed exactly how to progress over time, so that we can be sure you are always moving forward, towards your goals.
  • As you may know by now, diet and nutrition are an extremely important factor in any exercise routine. 

  • Unlike a cookie cutter diet or meal plan, I will help you to reshape your diet in a way that works for YOU. 

  • The goal here is long term sustainability, and a diet that is congruent with not only your goals, but your lifestyle. This is not a crash diet you do for a few weeks. This is learning to eat in a way that you will be able to stick to for life (BONUS: it won’t even feel like dieting!)

  • I will teach you to eat in a way that allows you to enjoy your favorite foods, even the occasional treats, and still achieve and maintain the body you desire.

  • You will receive sample meal and snack ideas, as well as grocery store “cheat sheet,”

Accountability and Support
  • You will gain full access to me, and I will be with you to help and answer questions every step of the way. This includes email and text support 24/7. 

  • We will have weekly check-ins to be sure you are keeping on track with your goals, as well as to asses the progress you have made and see when/if things need to be adjusted.

  • We will monitor your progress together. Then, with clear, concise goals in mind, adapt and make changes as necessary. 

Overcoming The Unknown
  • Life is tricky sometimes. You can plan all you want, but occasionally things just don’t go the way you thought they would. It is in times like these, when work or family stress is at an all time high, or traveling seems like it is going to throw a wrench in all of the progress you’ve made, that having me by your side will make all the difference.

  • I have plans and systems to help you: when traveling or on vacation; when the holiday seasons come around and you don’t know what to eat; when a new work schedule cuts in half the amount of time you used to be able to dedicate to workouts; or when the inevitable speed bump comes up and you do fall off course for a weekend, to get you right back on track without missing a beat!

  • Regardless of the problems life throws at you, I will be there to help you navigate them, and keep on track with your progress, moving towards your goals!

What is it?

Online coaching is a new frontier of health and fitness. It is the final piece bridging the gap between you, the regular guy or girl who just wants to live a little healthier, and look a little better, and the body you’ve always wanted. No more wasting time trying to sort through all of the endless fitness mumbo-jumbo, and figure out whats what. Get a coach, get to work, and get moving towards your goals!

Who is it for?

If you have ever found yourself saying “I would love to work with a personal trainer, but its just too expensive,” then online training is for you! You get all the benefits of working with a certified, knowledgable, trustworthy coach, but on your own time, and for a fraction of the price of working with a trainer at your local gym. 

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